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Don’t you think we indians live to eat!! If i talk about myself, daily i wake up in the morning with the thought that what will i cook in the breakfast!! And i am sure if you are a woman then the case must be same for you also, and if you are a man then your thought must be “what would be there in breakfast today!!”. our day starts and ends with food only. A good food is like a therapy, it can elevate our mood. For us food is the medium of expressing our love and happiness.

In the country like ours the types of food eaten by the people varies by region to region. Every part of the country has its own taste and own style of cooking. And that makes that place special. No matter in which part of the country we live, we have some specific memory about specific place that is related to food, for example Amritsari chole, mumbai vadapav, pune’s misal, madurai’s idli etc.

Here i am presenting a small introductory video about the speciality of every region of the country and what make them those food very authentic. Do watch the video and give your feedback in the comment.