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We, humans, are often influenced by the people around us. And there is a general saying ” You are the average of 5 people you are surrounded with.” This indicates the power of influence other people have on us. That’s why it is very important to be surrounded by the people who inspire us, who motivate us to achieve greater heights in life. 10Years back, this was not that easy, but in this age of social media, we have been given a huge choice of selection of people. And likewise, in the older saying “A person’s character can be judged by his/her friend circle”, you can also predict the character and future of a person by seeing his list of social media following. so it is of utmost importance to follow the right people and the right influencers on social media.

Most of the people follow the people and groups of similar interests and niches. My niche is content writing. So if you see my following list you will notice that a maximum number of people are content writers. So among these content writers, I have decided to take an interview of the one who has influenced me a lot, whom I found really positive and motivating is MS. Ayushi Somani.

She is working as a full-time freelancing content as well as a copywriter. She also consults newbies who want to make their career in content writing. She has around 93k followers on Linkedin and 1000followers on Instagram. Let’s learn something from her experience and her journey.

Question 1: When did you feel that you want to make your career in content writing?

Ayushi: I was not always assured that I want to become a content writer but I know I wanted to be a writer so right after my college I started looking for places where I can write and earn a little bit and then I found about freelancing and few are the jobs, I picked one job which was about content writing and I learned so many things there.

Question:2 How did you choose your niche::

Ayushi: Choosing a niche is not that difficult but initially I started with the niches like lifestyle, traveling, and newsletter. so these were my niches back then, when I started freelancing lots of clients with so many various niches came in my way and i experiment with all of them. And then right now my niches are marketing, B2B and SAAS. Maybe in the future transition in some other niche may happen, but right now these are my niches and I love them.

Question 3: How did you begin your content writing journey?

Ayushi: I stared as a content writer when I was 20, back in 2018, as a job then I found about freelancing and started doing that side by side, and later on found that freelancing has more opportunity and money so after I saved enough money I jumped into full time freelancing.

Question 4: How does any content writer know that what people want to read about?

Ayushi: Knowing what people want to read is definitely important, but at the same time in what niche you are in is equally important. People on google read about anything and everything so just write what you are passionate about and in a way that people can engage with your content.

Question 5: For any beginner what you would suggest generating content ideas?

Ayushi: If you are writing on social media, then write about your learning, your college experience, work experience, and things like that. that will surely engage people. And if you want to write on blogs then read what interests you and then write about that.

Question 6: How to be a unique content writer

There is a very simple way to be unique is that just write as you talk, be expressive, a little bit aggressive, a little bit polite.

Question 7: what blog or book you would suggest to any content writer?

Ayushi: As I have told earlier you can read as much as you can what you like the most, but specifically if have to suggest then I will suggest blogs like, MEDIUM, HUBSPOT, THE SMART BLOGGER, NEIL PATEL BLOGS, COPY HACKERS, ETC.

Question 8: is the future of content writing is bright enough?

Ayushi: It depends on the person, if a person works really hard then there is no field in this world in which you can’t get success. you just have to be so hardworking, you have to have enough ideas, and you should work in the right direction. so ya there is brightness enough in this field of content writing.

Question 9: Who is your inspiration?

Ayushi: So my inspiration is my father, who had started working at a very early age and built everything from scratch. He worked tremendously hard and coming from the place where he had no enough money to buy even a bicycle for himself to making a life for us, to educate us to provide everything for me and my siblings and everyone else around us. He did completely well for us, his family, his friends, and everyone around him.